Areas of work

Marketing with a purpose

At Planet 4 People we believe that sustainability starts from the source markets.  Identifying the ideal target market,  desigining the products that align with that market and are sustainable,  partnering or building capactity at the supply and distribution chain, and creating the right communications strategy are all elements of a Marketing with a Purpose Plan. 


The relation between environment and people is undeniable. In Planet 4 People we see the development of communities, destinations, protected areas, as inclusive processes where nature, culture and social well-being go hand in hand with the need to generate income. 

Capacity Building

At Planet 4 People we believe that our best contribution is providing tools and building local capacity to address the conservation, management, and governance challenges of the places, the businesses and the people we work with. 

Sustainable Tourism

Our team is comprised of pioneers in the sustainable tourism roam with businesses and destination. We focus on strategic planning, monitoring, marketing. 

Natural and Cultural Heritage

The inderdependence with nature and the need to connect with our culture are intrinsic to our well being.  Ensuring the conservation of our natural assets, the sustainable management of our resources, and the preservation or rivaval of our culture is one of Planet 4 People's priorities. 

Ecosystem Services

Human needs are primarily serviced by nature.  The preservation of water and food sources,  the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and the fullfilment of cultural practices is core to human survival. At Planet 4 People we work to find solutions that will provide environmental benefits while also generating income to marginalized communities. 




Plans: management, operations, marketing, environment, sustainable tourism



Support in the implementation of the plans.  

Capacity building.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Continued monitoring of the project

Evaluation of results and projects