Sustainable Market Based Solutions


Managing tourism growth, while maintaining viable communities and healthy ecosystems is a challenge.  We support destinations and their stakeholders in the process.


Consumers are changing,  responsible consumption and support of socially responsible and sustainable businesses is increasing.  We work with enterprises to engage these new consumers.


In order to address conservation and cultural preservation,  civil society needs to incorporate the needs of the communities.  A balance between conservation and development is necessary.  P4P works with NGOs on market based solutions for conservation

Plitivice Lakes National Park

Balancing tourism and conservation

Under the preassure of over tourism and over development, P4P is working with PLNP on strategies to "demarket" the destination by addressing responsible target markets and developing a destination wide approach that benefits the region and reduces the stress in the park.

Costa Rica

Revamping the sustainable tourism certification

Certification in tourism is growing with international tour operators setting targets for sustainable hotels and tours. With this in mind Planet 4 People led a consortium of companies in developing a modern, web-based certification and update its 20 year old process.

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Planet 4 People is an international consulting firm that works with governments, enterprises and civil society to build market based approaches to development and environmental challenges. We seek to incorporate sustainable practices and economic alternatives to secure livelihoods and productivity, while enhancing the health of the planet.


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