Cabo de Hornos – un destino fronterizo

Como parte del proyecto IFI del Gobierno de Chile, para el desarrollo del destino del Cabo de Hornos, Planeta 4 Personas participó en el Congreso “Turismo Responsable para Destinos Emergentes”, en Puerto Williams, Cabo de Hornos, Chile.

P4P – a climate friendly organization

As part of the partnership with Fundación Plan21, P4P will be counting and offsetting the carbon footprint of our organization.    This is our commitment to climate responsibility.  We will also endeavor to provide our clients the option to move towards achieving their climate goals. 

Partnership of CWW and P4P

Connect Worldwide (CWW) and Planet4People announce partnership to support destinations and travel companies and organizations around the world with combined marketing and sustainable tourism development solutions.

The Fourth Sector

Almost ten years after the publication of The Aspen Institute report  “The Emerging Fourth Sector,” numerous business initiatives have been designed and developed to consolidate a new economic sector.  A sector that more than  economic prosperity and financial benefit – seeks positive impacts on the social and environmental space in which it develops. These companies are known as ” For Benefit Companies. ”

Cape Horn – a frontier destination

As part of the IFI project of the Government of Chile, for the development of the Cape Horn destination, Planet 4 People participated in the Congress  “Responsible Tourism for Emerging Destinations”, in Puerto Williams, Cape Horn, Chile. 

Funding of Protected Areas

Resources for environmental conservation are scarce. With an increasing number of parks and competing with human welfare issues, it is difficult to raise the funds for the National Parks. Governments are overcommitted in their budgets making National Parks usually a low funding priority. While International giving is growing, biodiversity does not rank high in the giving priorities. Parks need a comprehensive funding approach, that combines income generation activities with traditional fundraising strategies.

Emblematic Tourism Projects of the Mundo Maya

In June 2018,  Fabian Roman, VP for South America, visited the emblematic community tourism projects of the Mundo Maya Organization, as part of the project undertaken by Planet 4 People. Work was done with indigenous communities of the Mayan World in Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras.

A tribute to Amos Bien

In 2017 we said good bye to one of the pioneers of sustainable tourism, to a change maker, a story teller, and above all a friend. Born in the USA, Amos made Costa Rica his home. He soon discovered the value of using tourism for good. “Finding market solutions to environmental problems is the only way we will succeed”, that was his mantra. Amos will continue to live on through his work.

P4P presents innovative standard at Costa Rica’s P3

During the last Planeta, Personas y Paz – P3 meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica,  Fabian Román, VP of South America, presented Planet 4 People’s outcomes of the project “Development of an Innovative Standard for the Certification of Sustainable Tourism”, commissioned by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

Protecting our Cultural and Social Heritage – a new social enterprise

In recent years we have seen numerous initiatives to protect the value of cultural and social heritage, whether tangible or intangible property, whether artistic, historical, architectural, archaeological, traditional, oral and other categories that may be cited. However the wealth of cultural heritage is large and the resources to protect it are scarce, innovative mechanisms need to be designed to ensure their long term preservation.