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Partnership of CWW and P4P

Press Release

SCOTTSDALE, USA / MADRID, SPAIN – Connect Worldwide (CWW) and Planet4People announce the partnership to support destinations and travel companies and organizations around the world with combined marketing and sustainable tourism development solutions.

The perfect blend of global marketing expertise and environmental development expertise will support tourism and travel organizations attract the right traveler to a sustainable destination .

The direct connection between CWW and Planet4People was created to address the growing need to responsibly develop and market destinations, ensuring the preservation of its natural and cultural heritage, historic richness, and well-being of its residents, while providing the best experience to travelers.

The World Tourism Organization is expecting the number of International travelers to grow to 1.8 billion by 2030. Destinations and travel companies are the stewards of their climate, environment and the involvement of local people for sustainable tourism. They are also responsible to ensure that the travelers experience the best of the destination, without the growing challenges of overtourism.

Eric J. Otto, Founder and CEO of Connect Worldwide (CWW) calls the partnership “a strategic and essential next step in the evolution of destination and travel marketing. We must promote best practices in marketing, planning and management, with a focus on public, private and community partnership, to ensure that destinations are still there to enjoy for our grandchildren. It is my pleasure to partner with Planet4People to support destinations and travel companies worldwide”.

“Increasingly people view travel as the opportunity to experience something unique, to engage with nature, history and people. Being able to create a destination that brings economic benefit, while preserving the uniqueness it holds for travelers is the key to success. We believe through an integrated approach of sustainable development and responsible marketing this can be accomplished” expressed Ernestina Rubio, President of P4P.

Connect Worldwide is a global sales and marketing company with offices in 20 international locations, focused on tourism development.

Planet4people is a development firm that implements market based approaches to address development and environmental challenges.

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