"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the World."

John Muir

Category - Business

P4P – a climate friendly organization

As part of the partnership with Fundación Plan21, P4P will be counting and offsetting the carbon footprint of our organization.    This is our commitment to climate responsibility.  We will also endeavor to provide our clients the option to move towards achieving their climate goals. 

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Partnership of CWW and P4P

Connect Worldwide (CWW) and Planet4People announce partnership to support destinations and travel companies and organizations around the world with combined marketing and sustainable tourism development solutions.

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The Fourth Sector

Almost ten years after the publication of The Aspen Institute report  “The Emerging Fourth Sector,” numerous business initiatives have been designed and developed to consolidate a new economic sector.  A sector that more than  economic prosperity and financial benefit – seeks positive impacts on the social and environmental space in which it develops. These companies are known as ” For Benefit Companies. ”

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Sustainable Bee Keeping in Quintana Roo

Dr. Francisco J. Rosado May introduces the work of the Center for Sustainable Beekeeping of the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo in Mexico. Studies have shown a downward trend of bees and pollination worldwide due to climate change iand other factors. Beekeeping is an important source of income for the Mayan communities. The UIMQRoo aims to be at the forefront of this issue, from the scientific perspective and its practical application to benefit Mayan communities.

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Welcome to Planet4People

Planet4People is born out of the concern of like minded people to do something to address the many unmet needs that lead to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015.  Together we bring experience, expertise and passion to support the efforts to achieve these goals.

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