Image: Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo

Sustainable Bee Keeping in Quintana Roo

Dean Dr. Francisco J. Rosado May

Multiple studies have shown a downward trend of bees and pollination worldwide. Climate change is one, but not the only factor that is estimated to cause this imbalance. Beekeeping has become an important source of income generation for the Mayan communities. That is why the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo) has taken a great interest in this topic.

The university, as part of its strategic plan, is currently developing the project “Center for Sustainable Beekeeping”. This project analyzes and articulates elements related to socioeconomic factors (market, social organization, costs, etc.), technological factors (harness, techniques to control pests and diseases, equipment, laboratories for genetic improvement for safety, etc..) and ecological factors (vegetation types, climatic conditions, affecting species introduction to beekeeping, etc..) that may have an impact on beekeeping.

For project the University already has a building that will house the latest scientific equipment, a demonstration area that will house the European hives and Melipona bees, and spaces for classes and workshops for academics. However, the innovation of the project stems from the work UIMQRoo will conduct with cooperating beekeepers, either as individuals or organizations and their integration into networks that have formed nationwide.

The center will be linked to educational programs such as the Bachelor’s degree offered by UIMQRoo; the Systems Engineer Agroecological Production Program where beekeeping is necessary and indispensable; and its future program of Agroecology at a doctoral level. The UIMQRoo has specialized personnel in beekeeping and other related areas, and are already developing successful beekeeping projects with the participation of teachers, students and beekeepers. Furthermore, under the leadership of Prof. Aurora Xolalpa Aroche, Career Research Professor of UIMQRoo, the Center is linking with programs such as “Community Health”, “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Alternative Tourism” and “Enterprise Development

The UIMQRoo looking to be at the forefront of this issue, not only from the scientific perspective, but in its practical application and the last to benefit Mayan communities in the region

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