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A tribute to Amos Bien

by Erika Harms Goodbye to a legend and a friend “Finding market solutions to environmental problems is the only way we will succeed”. This was the mantra by which Amos Bien practiced sustainable tourism. In 2006 when we at the UN Foundation embarked in the process of developing a set of sustainable tourism criteria with…

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Protecting our Cultural and Social Heritage – a new social enterprise

by Damaris Chaves Preserving and restoring cultural heritage through social enterprises Recent years we have seen numerous initiatives to protect the value of cultural and social heritage, whether tangible or intangible property, whether artistic, historical, architectural, archaeological, traditional, oral and other categories that may be cited. However the wealth of cultural heritage is large and…

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The Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism

by Katiana Murillo Climate change adaptation cannot wait for the future, it has to start now! When we talk about adaptation to climate change it is because we can not sit and wait for the effects of this phenomenon while praying that nothing happens to us. Whatever happens this year at the Paris summit, during…

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Is Sustainable Tourism Profitable?

by Katiana Murillo ” Sustainable Tourism is not only profitable, but a current trend” A study by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) ​​entitled “The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends and Statistics 2015”, collects data from various research sources showing that sustainable tourism is not only profitable, but a growing trend. Here are some examples:…

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Welcome to Planet4People

by Erika Harms Yet another organization, you say. Yet many needs of the planet not addressed,  I answer.   Planet4People is born out of the concern of like minded people to do something to address the many unmet needs that lead to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015.  Together we bring experience, expertise and…

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