World Environment Day

This year World Environment Day finds us amidst a crisis generated by the strain that humans have put on the planet.  The pandemic has shown us the fragile state of the world and the social and economic dependency we have on our natural resources. At P4P we remain committed to work on nature-based solutions to ensure social, economic and environmental resilience, while ensuring conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity.

Cape Horn – a frontier destination

As part of the IFI project of the Government of Chile, for the development of the Cape Horn destination, Planet 4 People participated in the Congress  “Responsible Tourism for Emerging Destinations”, in Puerto Williams, Cape Horn, Chile. 

The 4 axes of development

In a changing and globalized world, the search for economic alternatives is imperative for development and even for the survival of the people and their culture, in a healthy environment. In his book “Alternative Community Development in the Maya Forest ” Julio Moure reflects on work done in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an and the biological corridor Sian Ka’an – Calakmul. He tackles the challenge of how to combine scientific knowledge and indigenous environmental knowledge, in a scheme that respects the natural ecosystems and meets basic human needs.

Bogotá – Rio + 20

#Planet4People was present at the High Level Dialogue Conference on Sustainable Cities, Transport and Tourism and the Global Forum on Human Settlements which took place in Bogotá, Colombia from the 10th to12th of August, 2014. My colleague Amos Bien and I had the pleasure to present at the session “Local development and sustainable tourism, policies, actions and best practices”.

Welcome to Planet4People

Planet4People is born out of the concern of like minded people to do something to address the many unmet needs that lead to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015.  Together we bring experience, expertise and passion to support the efforts to achieve these goals.