Fabian Román

VP & Head of South America Office
SDGs, Climate Change and Sustainable Tourism

Fabian has a rounded career having worked in the private sector close to 10 years in the energy sector,  dedicating over 20 years to academia and leading key sustainable development initiatives, particularly in the area of sustainable tourism and climate change.  As a consultant, he has been part of international cooperation projects with multilateral organizations, public sector and private foundations.

Fabian is a chemical engineer of the National University of Buenos Aires, a specialist in sustainable development of the Bolivarian University of Chile and Master in Management of Sustainable Tourism of the University for International Cooperation (UCI). He is co-founder and president of Fundación Plan21 for the Sustainable Human Development of Argentina, and member of the Steering Council of the Responsible Tourism Institute of Spain.   He is also Professor and Lead Researcher of the National University of Lanús, and former director of the Master’s Program in Sustainable Tourism Management at the UCI.  He was co-founder in 2003 of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas and co-founder of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.  As is an avid writer and has written essays and several articles on the environmental, social and economic problems of the current development model, highlighting the authorship of the book “Tourism and Sustainability, a complex relationship” and the co-authorship of “Tourism and Poverty, an approach to the development models “and” Notes on Human Development “.