Liza Agudelo

Co-Founder, Vice President & Head of North America
Conservation and Natural Resource Management

Liza brings years of experience in coordination and management of sustainable initiatives and programs both at global and local level. A Biologist and M.Sc in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, has been actively engaged in the coordination and management of local and international conservation and sustainable development projects, interacting at different levels of project design, management, and execution. Starting with non-timber-forest products and community-based projects with small local NGOs in her native Colombia, she then moved to support the management of the biodiversity portfolio at the United Nations Foundation, where she also assisted knowledge management exercises. Liza was later based in Belize as the project coordinator of the ICRAN-Mesoamerican Reef Alliance, a multi-agency international effort to promote sustainable practices in tourism, fisheries, and watershed management seeking to minimize impacts on the world’s second largest barrier reef. In recent years, Liza was the Senior Program Manager for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).