Paola Simonetti

CSR, Technology and Innovation

Paola is a consultant and facilitator of agile methodologies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focused on the implementation of projects that generate innovative solutions to local problems. She has focused on local tourism actors seeking continuous improvement and strengthening of the communities. She is Electronics Engineer and has a Master in Marketing. She is certified in project management issues under Agile Methodologies, IBM Enterprise Design Thinking, among others. Paola participated in the development of the health tourism marketing plan for the city of Bursa (Turkey) for BEBKA -Governmental Tourism Agency (2014). She was the Project lead for the development of the App “Zero Carbon”, from Fundación Plan21. Paola led resilience projects in different cities of Chile with a focus on disaster prevention and integral management of water resources, articulated with Universities, the Chilean Red Cross and ONEMI, among other actors. Paola comes from the private sector and has worked in companies such as Iridium, Ericcson and developed a start up in Madrid. In 2017 she received an award of Fundación Avón in 2017, for her search for sustainable development of entrepreneurs from the town of San Pedro de Colallao, in Tucumán.