Planet 4 People is excited to announce a new collaboration agreement with Fundación Plan21, a non-profit organization that is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fundación Plan21 works to preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life for communities through a participatory process while promoting the implementation of best practices, in both the private and public sector, to achieve sustainable development. The organization is headed by Fabián Roman, who serves as Executive Director and President, along with a full-time staff, advisory council and an international network of collaborators and volunteers. Fundación Plan21 operates many successful programs that focus on a variety of issues including sustainable tourism, climate change, conservation, and local sustainable development. The organization also holds regular workshops that take place both online and in local schools in order to educate the public on conservation and sustainable development concepts.

Planet 4 People will join forces with Fundación Plan21 in order to provide valuable training sessions related to sustainable tourism and development, as well as international capacity building projects and programs that focus on market-based approaches to sustainability throughout Latin America. Our first project will be a training course for communicating sustainable tourism initiatives to media. The expertise offered by Fundación Plan21 will greatly contribute to the mission of Planet 4 People and we look forward to many successful endeavors.

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