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Preserving Biosphere Reserves through tourism

Creating sustainable businesses

Building a sustainable destination requires commitment from all stakeholders to adopt sustainable business practices, collaborate as a network and willingness to share a brand.  The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve (FABR) is supporting these efforts in the region.  FABR has engaged Planet4People to help create the principles that will guide the destination; support awareness raising and training; monitor and evaluate progress; and help position FABR as a sustainable destination.

FABR is a unique place where five forest regions merge. It is rich in natural and cultural heritage. It was an early trade and migration route for First Nations people, and later on a booming industrial region. In 2002 it received the Biosphere Reserve designation by UNESCO.  FABR’s mission is to secure livelihoods and wellbeing of the communities, while ensuring the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.  FABR has identified sustainable tourism as a key driver to accomplish its mission and protect the reserve.  In 2013 they launched FAB Experiences as the first step towards developing and promoting a sustainable destination.

Planet4People works with protected areas to promote tourism for conservation and sustainable livelihoods.  Services include evaluating the destination and its potential; developing or adopting criteria for businesses and destinations; engaging stakeholders; establishing programs, policies and regulations; identifying resource generating activities; interpretation and communications.

  • Establish FAB Sustainable Tourism Principles.
  • Support and promote sustainable businesses.
  • Build the basis for a sustainable destination designation.
Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve
Country of Project
Expected Outcome
  • A set of FAB Tourism Principles.
  • Increase in businesses committed to sustainable tourism in FABR.

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