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Tourism for Protected Areas

Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve

The Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve represents, together with Antarctica and the Northern polar and Sub-polar zones, one of the few tourist frontiers on the planet. These are characterized by a low or no presence of human beings with pristine landscapes, which in turn are extremely fragile. Its tourist value increases permanently, since there are fewer and fewer sites that have not been exposed to tourism and that are not part of the tourist offer.  The exceptional ecological wealth, added to the presence of the native Yagán culture, make the region a perfect setting for the development of a tourism that is respectful and aware of the importance of its preservation.

The University of Magallanes has been working for years in the Biosphere Reserve and in 2018 proposed to Planet4People to be part of a new project: ENABLING PLATFORM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NATURAL AND SCIENTIFIC TOURISM IN CABO DE HORNOS ”

The global experience of P4P allowed us to provide a modern and careful perspective for the development of the Reserve, including participation in the Congress of Emerging Destinations and the drafting of recommendations related to the development of the sustainable destination and its certification, placing emphasis on the contribution to sustainable development goals.

One of the main activities of the project is the CREATION AND COMMISSIONING OF THE RESPONSIBLE SUBANTARCTIC ECO-TOURISM LABORATORY and one of its actions is the co-construction with the community and key actors of the criteria for the practice of responsible and sustainable tourism in the region with potential applicability at the local level and in other regions of Chile.

It is at this point that P4P, together with other international organizations, contributed its experience and commitment to the development of sustainable destinations

Promote a nature and scientific tourism platform to promote and enable new investments in Cabo de Hornos, which contributes to consolidating the territory as a destination of global relevance.
University of Magallanes
Country of Project
Expected Outcome
  • Participation in the Congress of Emerging Destinations
  • Recommendations to preparar Cape Horn to be  a sustainable destination.

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