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Marketing Strategy for Parks of Croatia

Building capacity for tourism management

The objectives of the PARCS Project of UNDP were first, to improve the institutional frameworks of national protected areas in order to address its key sstemic and institutional weaknesses. The second objective was to improve the financial sustainability of the national protected areas.  As part of this component Planet 4 People was tasked with the “Development and supervision of a marketing strategy for National Parks and Nature Parks of Croatia”.

P4P provided national and nature parks of Croatia with a marketing strategy geared to attracting environmentally and culturally sensitive travelers.   It also looked at the balance of attracting travelers to less visited areas and adequatly addressing the overtourism issues of more popular parks.  The strategy included identifying the right niche of travelers,  the supply chain to engage, the available and suitable products/services, and the appropriate communications.

In addition to the strategy P4P conducted two workshops for protected area managers and marketing staff,  including representatives from private sector and other government agencies.   These workshops were geared to provide the basic concepts as well as to attain input and buy-in for the strategy.   The team of P4P also conducted a product assesement and recommendations on product improvement or possible new products,  particularly routes to interconnect parks.

  • Increase revenue from tourism while preserving the areas, by attracting environmentally and culturally sensitive travelers.
  • Build capacity at park level to engage in marketing activities.
  • Recommendations on products to enhance visitation and provide benefits to communities.
  • Cross marketing opportunities between parks.
Country of Project
Expected Outcome
  • A marketing strategy for the brand Parks of Croatia
  • A study of possible target markets and supply chain to reach them.
  • A product recommendation list.
  • 2 workshops

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