"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the World."

John Muir

Category - SDGs

World Environment Day

This year World Environment Day finds us amidst a crisis generated by the strain that humans have put on the planet.  The pandemic has shown us the fragile state of the world and the social and economic dependency we have on our natural resources. At P4P we remain committed to work on nature-based solutions to ensure social, economic and environmental resilience, while ensuring conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity.

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P4P – a climate friendly organization

As part of the partnership with Fundación Plan21, P4P will be counting and offsetting the carbon footprint of our organization.    This is our commitment to climate responsibility.  We will also endeavor to provide our clients the option to move towards achieving their climate goals. 

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The Fourth Sector

Almost ten years after the publication of The Aspen Institute report  “The Emerging Fourth Sector,” numerous business initiatives have been designed and developed to consolidate a new economic sector.  A sector that more than  economic prosperity and financial benefit – seeks positive impacts on the social and environmental space in which it develops. These companies are known as ” For Benefit Companies. ”

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